Pandemic Studios Office Being Closed Down, EA Laying Off 200

Posted Nov 17, 2009

In the last quarter, EA lost about $371 million and the company announced that they are planning to lay off about 17% of the total company. The first major lay off since they made the announcement will be taking place at Pandemic Studios. Pandemic Studios is a company that EA bought in 2007 and about 200 lay offs will be taking place at that subsidiary.

Only the “core IP team” will be kept at EA and relocated to the Los Angeles office. The former CEO of Pandemic Josh Resnick and the former President Greg Borrud were among those that were laid off. Games will still be made under the Pandemic brand name.

Pandemic started in 1998 and launched several popular titles since they started such as Full Spectrum Warrior and Star Wars: Battlefront. The lay offs at EA will also affect those who work at Maxis, Rupture Studios, The Saboteur, Tiburon, and Mythic Entertainment.