Pangea Software Quitting Mac Game Production, Focusing On iPhone

Posted Mar 14, 2009

Pangea Software has been creating games for the Mac since 1987.  But they are giving this up to focus exclusively on the iPhone.  Why?  They are making a good amount of money producing games for the handheld mobile phone.  Brian Greenstone, founder of Pangea made this announcement at the SXSW conference in Austin earlier today.

Pangea made about $2 million in iPhone app sales since last summer even after Apple took a 30% cut.  Their Enigmo game itself made more than $1.5 million.  Pangea was invited to share the stage with Steve Jobs during the Worldwide Developers Conference last year.

Pangea had an advantage over many other iPhone developers since they already had built games for the Mac and just had to port the code over.

[via BI]