Panono: A Throwable Ball That Has 36 Cameras

Posted Nov 12, 2013

The Panono is a new throwable ball that has 36 cameras built-in.  When the Panono is thrown in the air, it can judge the highest pointed and capture 360-degree by 360-degree with 72-megapixel images.  There is no other way to capture this type of imagery than by using the Panono.


The images taken can be previewed through Panono’s Android and iOS app before stitching them together and sharing them on the web.  The Panono ball camera will be available following an Indiegogo campaign to raise $900,000.

Backers of the project would need to pay $549 to reserve a unit and there is an early bird special price of $499 for the first 600.
[Source: TNW]