Paper App Developer FiftyThree Raises $15 Million

Posted Jun 18, 2013

Paper is a popular drawing application for iOS that won an Apple Design Award.  Apple featured the Paper app on their website, on the Apple App Store, and in TV commercials.  FiftyThree, the company behind Paper, has raised $15 million in a round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.  The company plans to hire more engineers for their New York and Seattle office and plans to expand their product line.  FiftyThree is now working on a product that will encourage collaboration between artists

“Paper is just the beginning,” stated FiftyThree CEO Georg Petschnigg.  “When we think about our mission of building essential tools and removing barriers to creation, it?s clear that to build integrated, high-quality solutions you have to be able to look across hardware and services.”

FiftyThree has been focused on Paper for the last two years.  Paper has been updated several times since then.  They also simultaneously have been working on new products.  FiftyThree said that they will be able to release more products and updates faster because of the funding.