Parrot and Philippe Starck Partner To Create Zikmu Wireless Speakers

Posted Dec 17, 2008

Parrot, an innovator in car kits, wireless speakers, digital frames, and iPod accessories has announced their new product: Zimku.  Parrot partnered with Philippe Starck to create these wireless speakers.

The Design
The idea behind the design was to create an elegant, yet minimalistic speaker that is compatible with the latest in technology.  “These speakers are thoroughly modern, thanks to all their technical specifications and minimalist design,” stated Philippe Starck in a press release.  “They feature the most extreme and innovative technology with the fewest possible materials to deliver maximum effect: that is the magic.”

Zikmu is able to stream any audio tracks played with an iPod or iPhone on the docking station or is able to play tracks via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  The two speakers send signals to play music in sync using Bluetooth.  The two speakers stand at 2.5 feet tall.

These speakers will be available for purchase in Spring 2009.  The suggested retail price is $1,500.