Parrot launches new Bebop drone

Posted May 12, 2014

Parrot launched a new drone called the Bebop, which supports high-definition video. The new Bebop drone also supports image stabilization with a wide-angle 180-degree view. You control the Bebop using an app for an Apple or Android smartphones or tablets.

The Bebop has a 14-megapixel fish-eye lens that captures and streams live HD views of its flight to the device you are using to pilot it. The drone is stable and supports and weighs under a pound. Later this year, Parrot will sell a Bebop accessory controller with four antennas that lets you utilize an amplified Wi-Fi radio to extend the flight range up to 2 kilometers. The battery life is only 12 minutes though. The pricing is not yet known.

Parrot launched in the 1990s in Paris and has a large catalog of devices. Parrot also sells headphones and in-car hands-free audio products. Parrot also sells the app-controlled AR.Drone, which launched at CES in January. The current version of the AR.Drone costs around $300.