Path Has Around 500,000 Daily Users

Posted Oct 22, 2012

Path is a mobile startup company that has hit 500,000 daily users.  About a month ago, Path had around one million monthly active users that linked their mobile “personal journal” service to their Facebook accounts according to app tracking service AppData.  Now AppData is reporting that Path has around 720,000.

Path made a change to the app that emphasizes adding friends through Facebook.  Previously Path encouraged people to join by having users invite through e-mail and text messages.

According to AppData, monthly numbers for Path is growing but the daily numbers are staying relatively stable.  Facebook users seem to check out Path, but stop using it rather quickly.

However AppData can only measure users that connect their apps to Facebook and does not capture all of Path’s users.  Path believes that AppData is understating user numbers by a factor of four.  Since AppData does measure Facebook-connected users directly, the drop in numbers is consistent with the lack of a bump in daily activity.  This means that Path’s emphasis on Facebook was not really successful.

In another recent app update, Path switched back to emphasizing e-mail and text invitations.