Pathbrite Raises $4 Million

Posted Mar 4, 2013

Pathbrite is a San Francisco based startup company that has raised $4 million in a Series A-2 round of funding. Pathbrite is a company where users can collect, track, and showcase their achievements. This new round of funding was led by ACT. Rethink Education and other angel investors participated in this round. Pathbrite has raised a total of $8 million.

Pathbrite CEO and founder Heather Hiles said that that the funding will be used to refine their the Pathbrite for Educators product. The funding will also go towards executing their go-to-market strategy and spread the word about the company. ?[With the] funding, we can keep our heads down and do what we?re doing,? said Hiles.

Pathbrite launched last year and they help students and professionals collect, track, and share digital artifacts that showcase their achievements. Students can upload multimedia projects, draft papers, and other content. Professors and teachers can add comments and grade the content.

Pathbrite For Educators will be completed later this month. It will allow teachers and professors create templates reflect grade rubrics and track the progress of their class. Pathbrite is used by over 100 universities and school districts. Stanford bought 1,000 licenses for students to use for their design and engineering schools. The company is also being piloted in Philadelphia public schools.