Pathbrite receives $3.7 million in funding

Posted Jun 4, 2014

Pathbrite has received $3.7 million in funding led by Cengage Learning with participation from ACT and Serious Change. Pathbrite is a San Francisco-based portfolio learning company that builds customized solutions for corporate and postsecondary partners.

?The education sector is in the midst of transforming the way learning, teaching and assessment happens,? stated Heather Hiles, CEO of Pathbrite. ?Pathbrite is uniquely positioned to support this work through a software platform flexible enough to partner with multiple content and distribution partners. By using the right technology, we can create ways for learners to show how their soft skills and practical experiences are aligned to what employers need. We want to give educators, postsecondary institutions, employers and life-long learners a reliable platform to show the full breadth of cognition, accomplishment and competency.?

Pathbrite works with over 500 schools and colleges, including Fresno State University, Laureate International Universities, Stanford University, and University of Illinois.