Patient Receives World’s First Stem Cell Trial For Strokes

Posted Nov 17, 2010

An elderly man was injected with about 2 million neural stem cells at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. The doctors are hoping that the stem cells will help the man recover from a stroke by transforming into mature neurons and stimulating the brain.

The patient will be monitored over the next two years. Stem cells are the master cells of a body that can turn into mature cells under the right conditions.

“We are pleased that the first patient in the PISCES (Pilot Investigation of Stem Cells in Stroke) trial has undergone surgery successfully,” stated Professor Keith Muir, a neuroscientist at Glasgow University. “Stroke is a common and serious condition that leaves a large number of people with significant disability.

Stem cell trials have been performed on rats and there was positive results. The stem cells had triggered several repair processes in the body such as growing new brain blood vessels and the mobilizing of the brain’s own stem cell population.

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