Paul Ceglia To Mark Zuckerberg: ?It?s On Like Donkey Kong,” Claiming Smoking Gun Evidence Was Planted By Facebook

Posted Aug 17, 2011

Paul Ceglia is a man that used to live in New York, but now lives in Ireland that filed a lawsuit against Facebook. The lawsuit claims that Ceglia has a contract with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from 2003 that entitled him to half or more in equity of the large social networking company. Zuckerberg claimed that the real contract was for computer consultant work on Ceglia’s “StreetFax” project and didn’t have anything to do with Facebook.

The lawsuit depended heavily on electronic documentation evidence. Ceglia claims to have e-mail exchanges and contracts between him and Zuckerberg that the two of them had signed. Facebook claimed that Ceglia’s contract was fraudulent. Facebook claimed that forensic experts had found the original contract signed by the two ?embedded in the electronic data from 2004 on Ceglia?s computer.? The electronic data looks very different from the version of the contract that Ceglia produced in court.

Facebook’s lawyers also say that they have found evidence that a thumb drive had been inserted into the computer that contained the files named “Zuckerberg contract.” These files and a thumb drive from Ceglia haven’t been handed over to the court.

Facebook’s “ink expert” says that he wants to do a test on the contract pictured on the below left to see if the contract does actually date back to 2003 [click to enlarge]:

Ceglia moved to Galway, Ireland because he claimed he was being “Facebook stalked.” He said that Facebook investigators were following him and hanging out in his yard.

Ceglia responded to Facebook’s recent claims by saying he believes that the “smoking gun” evidence from Facebook was planted on a computer taken from his parents house.

?I believe based on the fact that (Facebook attorney) Orin Snyder argued almost exclusively for my parents computers, the location where the so called ?image? was discovered that either Orin Snyder is clairvoyant and had a premonition that his ?smoking gun? was on my parents computer or he knew in advance that it was planted there,??stated Ceglia in an e-mail, ?perhaps by Zuckerberg himself and perhaps by Orrick, the firm Eduardo Savrin accused of conspiring with Zuckerberg to deprive him of his shares during his case. If that is the case then they are subornating perjury and conspiring along with Zuckerberg to protect the empire and this time they are going to get caught ? Eduardo Savrin, the bus is rolling, just needs a little push from the sidelines.?

Ceglia and his attorney Paul Argentieri originally filed a civil suit with a “Work For Hire” contract with Zuckerberg for Facebook and also submitted cancelled checks as evidence.

This past Monday, Facebook attorneys filed a pixilated image as evidence (above) for a company called “Street Fax.” But that contract did not mention Facebook.

?This ?image? they claim is the original is forged and we will prove it has no authenticating properties what so ever,? Ceglia wrote in an e-mail to the Daily Reporter. ?I would have expected more from him and his henchmen. We have known about this photoshopped ?image? for some time and I willingly handed it over to them, now they claim it is the original. Oh brother … it just keeps getting weirder and weirder.?

?It?s on like Donkey Kong,? said Ceglia when taking a shot against Mark Zuckerberg.

?We’ve now waited weeks past when we were due to get the 175 emails from Zuckerberg, supposedly because they were afraid that I might use them, as if it was I that needed additional support for my side of the case. Me, a guy that has limited computer knowledge, they are concerned about, but the fact that Mark has now had more than two weeks to do the very same thing… having had all my emails to read so that he can make his sound like a better narrative is ignored and I have to trust that he, the admitted forger, isn’t actively switching his emails around to counter mine? Weirder and wierder,” added Ceglia in an e-mail to ?History will record you as the only billionaire to have ever lost his empire to a Tiff image.?

Ceglia indicated that he is looking for additional legal help and is worried that Facebook will be going public soon.

?You won’t go public Mark, you won’t IPO, you won’t pass go,??added Ceglia. ?I won’t let you sell this company out from under me not while I have the power to stop you.

?We have conclusive proof Mark is lying and (is) searching for more,? Ceglia continued. ?Anyone with some legal or technical expertise that would like to help us nail him down for good is welcome to join in at Ceglia pointed out that his past drug arrests and legal battles around his wood pellet business was irrelevant to the Facebook case.

? … Surely my arrest for mushrooms 14 years ago or the fact that I fell behind on wood pellet orders that have long since paid back is irrelevant compared to the more damning and far more on point evidence that Zuckerberg is an admitted forger and an admitted hacker, yet a read of the major media outlets shows what most people know already, that our ?Free Press? slant the news to the big boss’s views. A luxury afforded the Billionaires of this world that clearly have their own agendas. Perhaps calling them out like this will force some two sided coverage of the story,? Ceglia wrote in the e-mail to WellsvilleDaily. ?Zuckerberg reminds me a great deal of the great Edward J Smith, captain of the Titanic, ignorant of the conditions surrounding him he arrogantly continues onward until the moment he hits the iceberg. You’ve hit your Iceberg now bud so don’t come to Ireland again, this time crying to me that you have to protect your image.?

He concluded the e-mail by saying:

?What I can tell you is, before the testing it was Orin “King Kong” Snyder beating his chest with ?amateurish forgery? claims on the original paper contract, now that they have tested it, suddenly we hear no more about that, though you will be hearing a lot from us on it in the coming months,? Ceglia wrote. ?Suddenly there are requests for a second round of ink testing, clearly outside the court order for expedited discovery and I don’t think it takes much to conclude that they wouldnt need more ink if the first batch they took showed a “real” smoking gun as they claimed it would.

?Instead they continue to make up their defense as they go along and now talk about this ?image? and since Mark has now officially claimed that is the original then I’m happy to be the first to say ? Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to forgery and he has done it once again. This time though he isn’t just going to get away with it and buy himself out, you will face a jury of our peers Mark, and your PR team won’t be there to save you.?