WATCH: Meet “Paul Ryan Girl” Meredith Walker

Posted Oct 17, 2012

Amber Lee Ettinger is known as “Obama Girl” from Barely Political’s June 2007 Internet video “I Got A Crush… On Obama.”  Her video went viral back then.  In an attempt to emulate the success of Ettinger’s viral video success, Meredith Walker has created this video called “Paul Ryan Girl.”  In the “Paul Ryan Girl” video, Walker does a parody of Olivia Newton John’s 1981 song “Let’s Get Physical.”  Walker’s version of the song is “Let’s Get Fiscal.”

In an interview, Walker said “I really appreciated what Ryan has to say when he talked about the college students moving back into their parent?s homes and looking at their old Obama posters. It?s a spoof on a lot of the political videos that have been put out there recently, it?s just good clean fun.”

In Paul Ryan Girl, she even poked fun at a fake “Obama Girl.”  The woman playing “Obama Girl” is not actually Ettinger.  The fake Obama Girl comes on the screen carrying a resume and telling Paul Ryan Girl that she cannot take four more years.  Then she rips off her shirt to reveal a t-shirt that says:  ?I wanna have Paul Ryan?s baby.?

I was not really a fan of the Obama Girl video back in 2007 and I dislike this video even more — This dreadful Paul Ryan song will now pop up in my head anytime I hear Newton John’s song now.  However it is my obligation as a social media guy to share viral videos as they pop up.  I listened to this song once, but will never give it another listen and I’m sure a lot of people will follow.  Video below: