PayPal Signs Deal With AT&T To Sell PayPal Here In U.S. Stores

Posted Oct 22, 2012

PayPal Here is a relatively new device that competes directly against Square.  Square is a dongle that connects to the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices for merchants to swipe credit cards.  Even though the Square dongle is being sold in Apple stores, PayPal Here has signed a large retail partner too.  PayPal Here has signed a deal with 1,800 AT&T retail stores.  Before that PayPal Here only had an international deal with Softbank in Japan.

PayPal Here lets people take credit card payments through an app and dongle that is attached to a smartphone.  The PayPal Here dongle is being sold at AT&T for $15, but merchants will get the $15 bank through an account sign-up.  Square sells their dongle for $10 with a $10 credit for purchasers.

PayPal president David Marcus has had a major focus on rebranding and restructuring the company.  PayPal recently hired Jeff Goldblum as a new spokesperson and they are cutting around 400 jobs.