PayPay Will Make Changes To Their Fraud Filters In The Next Few Months

Posted Jan 23, 2013

PayPal has some major issues.

When using PayPal, many users are plagued with delays in payments due to potential “fraud.”  The fraud filters are kept in place to make sure that criminals are not taking advantage of the digital payment system.  If your funds get frozen because of a fraud filter, sometimes it may take around 21 days to get a payment and the company could even extend that number to around 180 days.

The good news is that PayPal will be overhauling their system in the next few months.  However the company did not specify what they will be changing.  PayPal’s senior director of communications, Anuj Nayar, said that the company will be undergoing “aggressive changes.”  Nayar said that transparency will be a major focus and that PayPal will be sure to make it clear about how people can get their frozen funds and why the fraud filter hit them.

[Source: CNN]