PayPerPost Founder Is Writing A Book: Inside The Blogosphere

Posted Jul 15, 2008

PayPerPost management team members, Ted Murphy and Peter Wright are writing a book called Inside The Blogosphere.  Currently they are sending out a survey to all of their users and select PayPerPost members will be featured in their book. 

PayPerPost is a company that offers bloggers money to write about products.  TechCrunch has constantly slammed PayPerPost’s business plan, but the company raised about $10 million in funding.  Maybe all that publicity helped.  Bloggers that were affiliated with PayPerPost also had their Google PageRank resetted to zero.  That sucks.

Here is the e-mail that was sent out:
Each blogger who responds to the survey will be included in the book. The quality and amount of content provided will determine if a blogger is only mentioned in the credits, or is featured more in depth, which could include a personal photo, or even a screen shot of their blog. For more info, you can email David Brim at davidb [at]
Source: Blaq::Vixen::Beauty

What will the book be about?  I’m assuming that it’ll have a bias towards the benefits of companies paying bloggers to write about their products.

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