Pebble Breaks A Kickstarter Record At $3.3 Million With A Month To Go

Posted Apr 17, 2012

Pebble was looking to raise only $100,000 when putting their project on Kickstarter, but fans of the product wanted to make sure they had enough capital to go really mainstream. This is why Pebble has hit $3.3 million in funding with a month still left to go on Kickstarter. On Friday, they were at a bit over $1.8 million.

The Pebble e-paper smartwatch would connect to either iPhone or Android. About 23,000 people donated to Pebble to hit the $3.3 million number. The Pebble would have a battery life of 7 days and the lens is scratch resistant. It would charge via USB and sync to your Android or iPhone through Bluetooth. The watch would have customized apps with alerts that would show phone rings, e-mails, and incoming messages.

Pebble is the fifth project to hit seven figures of funding. They beat the previous record of $3.3 million set by gaming company Double Fine. Earlier this month, President Obama signed the JOBS Act, which would loosen regulations on companies that want to raise funding including crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter.