Pebble Smartwatch To Arrive At AT&T Tomorrow

Posted Sep 26, 2013

AT&T is going to start selling the Pebble smartwatch tomorrow.  AT&T will be the major carrier to sell the watch.  Pebble is best known for being able to wirelessly connect users to their smartphones.


Pebble was one of the first smart-watch products to launch since setting up a major Kickstarter campaign.  The goal of Pebble’s Kickstart campaign was to hit $100,000 in funding, but they ended up hitting a total of $10.2 million.

The Pebble smartwatch costs $150 and it can alert users to e-mails and social media updates.  The Pebble can also display caller ID information.  The Pebble smartwatch can be used in direct sunlight and it is water resistant.

AT&T will be selling the Pebble on their website and certain retail stores tomorrow.  It will be rolled out to more retail stores in October.

[Source: CNET]