Pebble smartwatch to get Hatchi virtual pets

Posted Mar 18, 2014

Hatchi will soon come to Pebble smartwatches (pictured above). Similar to Tamagotchi, Hatch is a virtual pet game where you will need to feed or clean virtual pets to keep it happy.

The Hatchi game is expected to arrive on the Pebble app store later this week. Other games that are coming to the Pebble app store include Mr. Runner from Zing Games, and Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium.

“We believe Pebble is a great new platform for studios around the world to create awesome  games – specifically mini games and casual games,” said Pebble in a blog post. “Games are an emerging category for Pebble and we’re really excited to see what great titles developers build for the Pebble platform. We’ll be at GDC  – studios interested in pioneering games on Pebble are invited to contact us.”