Peerialism BitTorrent Software To Have Much Faster Download Speeds

Posted Aug 23, 2009

Peerialism is a new, upcoming BitTorrent tracking software that is supposed to be released next month.  The company promises to increase download speeds by 150% and to decrease the load on ISP networks by 20-50%. Peerialism’s software is based on OpenTracker software.

?In standard BitTorrent the tracker chooses a totally random number of peers for you. There are some good reasons for this since random actually gives some nice and robust network properties but in many cases this will force you to download for peers far away from you,? stated Andreas Dahlström, CTO and founder of Peerialism in an interview with TorrentFreak.

Peerialism supposedly selects peers to share files with more intelligently.  The software picks peers based on geographical location.  Based on geographical locations, download speeds can be faster.