Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) Starts A Web Series On Crackle: Penn Says

Posted Jan 10, 2008

I received an e-mail from a PR firm that told me about the launch of Penn Says.

Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller), one of the nation’s most clever magicians has found a home on the information superhighway,  The channel that Penn has started revolves around current events, politics, and celebrity mishaps.  There are no cue cards, no editors, just Penn’s freestyle conversation with the cameras that Sony provided him with.

“Big badass Crackle has given me the chance to talk directly to you about anything I want, anytime I want.  I mean anything.  I mean any time.  When something gets my goat, or I want to get someone elseâ??s goat or other farm animal, Iâ??ll flip on my camera and rave about it.  Half-cocked, from inside my head, electronically to inside your head in minutes.  No script, no thinking, so I might be wrong.  Iâ??m counting on you to keep me honest with videos right back to me,” stated Jillette.

I watched a few clips on the show and the channel is definitely very entertaining.  One of the videos opened with Penn saying that he thinks one of the biggest scumbags he knows of is Dr. Phil.

“Penn Jillette has exactly the type of raw, edgy and honest voice we want to present on Crackle,” stated Tony Liano, VP of content and programming of Crackle.  “Crackle is about giving audiences content that pushes the envelope and entertainment they canâ??t find from other sites or traditional media.  Penn will shepherd in a new form of entertainment for our audiences, one that is active and engaged and challenges our audience to respond.”

Penn & Teller also had an entertaining, yet controversial appearance on TV show,West Wing.  See the video below: