Pennaluna & Company and Roboinvest Merge

Posted Dec 22, 2012

Roboinvest has announced that they have merged with Pennaluna & Company.  The two companies are online brokerages.  Roboinvest is a two-year-old startup and Pennaluna has been around for 86 years.

?This merger combines the brokerage, financial and human resources of Pennaluna with the innovation of Roboinvest with the goal of building a successful global company that will create jobs and provide a service which will add value to peoples? lives. Together with Ron and the team at Pennaluna we are going to build something very special.?

Roboinvest lets you discover leaders that consistently outperform the market and copy trades that are pushed to the web.  Pennaluna have been north Idaho stockbrokers since 1926.  Roboinvest had raised $240,000 from strategic investors before the merger was completed.