Perez Hilton Has Clip Removed From YouTube Over Copyright

Posted May 6, 2009

In terms of learning how to run a business, I give Perez Hilton credit.  But as an individual, I have very little respect for him.  He built his business by attacking the reputation of other individuals.  I lost every single ounce respect I had for Perez Hilton when he personally attacked Miss California Carrie Prejean after the Miss USA pageant.  He called her all sorts of obscenities including a dumb ***** while all she was doing was expressing her honest opinion and freedom of speech.

If freedom of speech did not exist, neither would  Every day, Hilton is exercising his freedom of speech by making fun of celebrities without having to worry about being sued or censored.  This seems very hypocritical on his part IMHO.

Interestingly, the National Organization for Marriage put together a one-minute video that includes a three second clip of Perez Hilton calling her Prejean a “dumb *****.”  When the video was uploaded to YouTube, it was forced to be taken down due to a copyright claim by Mario Lavandeira which happens to be Hilton’s real name.   Below is the video of the clip.

Personally I don’t mind gay people having the same rights as everyone else, but I believe everyone having the right to their own opinions is by far one of the greatest freedoms we have in this country and should not be threatened in any form.

[via Patterico’s Pontifications]