Pet Holdings Acquires Twittypic, Launching ?Son of a Tweet?

Posted Feb 16, 2009

Pet Holdings has acquired Twittypic.  Twittypic basically watches what are the most popular videos and pictures on Twitter and posts them in a blog format.  Twittypic wasn’t that popular of a blog, but perhaps Pet Holdings can change that.  After all, other Pet Holdings blogs GraphJam and Fail Blog are all doing pretty well.  Pet Holdings will be changing the name of Twittypic to “Son of a Tweet.”

Twittypic has a thumbs up and thumbs down rating system. Founder of Pet Holdings Ben Huh plans Twittypic ?to replicate Digg, just using Twitter as the source.?  Other websites that have similar functionality as what Pet Holdings is describing include and

“We think it is going to be big,” stated Huh. “Other people are trying to figure out who is popular (on Twitter). We don’t care about who, we care about what people like.”  Pet Holdings next project is a way to create funny captions on YouTube videos.

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