Phil Schiller Says That Almost Everyone At Apple Works On iPhones

Posted Nov 16, 2013

Apple’s head of marketing Phil Schiller said in a court that the iPhone was the “bet the company product.”  If the iPhone did not work out, Apple would have some serious problems.  Schiller was at the damages retrial against Samsung and said that Apple gambled everything on the iPhone.  He said that “almost everyone” at Apple is now working on the iPhone in some capacity.

“There were huge risks,” stated Schiller. “We had a saying inside the company that it was a ‘bet the company’ product… We were starting to do well again in iPod… Then here we’re going to invest all these resources, financial as well as people, in creating this product.”

Schiller was speaking at a follow-up of a patent infringement case at the San Jose district court.  Apple is asking Samsung to pay $380 million in damages, but Samsung is saying that they should only have to pay $52 million.  This is on top of the $600 million that Samsung already agreed to pay.

Last August, a jury awarded $1.05 billion in damages to Apple based on a patent lawsuit ruling.  That patent award was dropped to $600 million.