Philip Conran Gets Arrested For Placing Fake Craigslist Sex Ad For Neighbor

Posted Apr 24, 2010

Philip James Conran, a cook that was on medical disability had a feud with his soccer mom neighbor. Both of them live in West Hartford, Connecticut. It is uncertain what the feud was about, but police discovered that Conran put a fake Craigslist ad for his neighbor. The Craigslist classifieds ad said “Looking for Lust” and it encouraged sexual encounters with strangers. The Craigslist ad had her full address and invited men to her house so she could “please as many as I can before I go to work!” Craigslist provided the IP address of the person that placed the ad and police arrested Conran. He is being charged for criminal trespass, risk of injury to a minor, reckless endangerment, and harassment. [TrueCrimeReport]