Philippa Curtis Kills Driver While Texting and Driving

Posted Feb 3, 2009

If you receive a text while driving, don’t even think about texting back.  It is much better to call that person back than to look down at your phone and concentrate on whether T9 is writing the wrong words for you.  Philippa Curtis, 21, from Suffolk was texting right before she hit a car at 70MPH.  The car that she hit was not moving at all.  The accident occured on the A40 near Wheatley in Oxfordshire.  Curtis will be put in jail for 21 months and will be banned from driving for three years as a result of the recklessness.

Victoria McBryde of Northamptonshire had a flat tire when she was killed by the crash in November 2007.  Curtis was given the sentence in December.  Curtis said that she was feeling “hyper” when making a two hour road trip.  She made several calls and exchanged about 20 text messages during those two hours.  After hitting McBryde’s Peugeot 106, Curtis’ car spun into oncoming traffic and hit two other cars.  McBryde, 24, suffered a brain injury after the crash.  Curtis had an arm injury as a result.

“I can’t really describe in words how bad I actually feel,” stated Curtis in court.  “I just feel awful that I was involved and I can’t really imagine how the family must feel.”  Judge Julian Halls hopes that others will learn from Curtis’ example.