Pinterest Bans Pro-Anorexia Blogs

Posted Aug 21, 2012

Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social networks, has banned websites that encourage women to have eating disorders.  Telecommunications graduate student Daphna Yeshua-Katz and co-author Nicole Martins had interviewed 33 girls and women that are aged between 15 to 33 that had posted pro-anorexia (pro-ana) content, which contained instructions for anorexic behavior.  These photos included shocking photos of ridiculously thin women.

These girls also posted poetry and song lyrics about anorexia on Blogger, Tumblr, or LiveJournal.  Many people that suffer from anorexia are portrayed as overdramatic and attention-seeking from their peers.  Pro-ana bloggers believe that the online world is the only way to escape that stigma.  About 6 months ago, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram updated their content policies regarding eating disorders and self-harm.

Pinterest eliminated pro-anorexia pins altogether this week.  This is a blow to that community because many pro-ana bloggers turned over to Pinterest after they migrated from Tumblr.

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