Pinterest Announces Place Pins For Content To Be Saved With A Location

Posted Nov 21, 2013

Pinterest has announced a new feature called Place Pins.  Place Pins allows you to save content on a map with a location.  This feature lets users plan trips and create guides to their hometowns.  Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann announced the new feature during a launch event at their San Francisco headquarters.

Pinterest users create 1.5 million travel related pins per day and there are over 750 million of them altogether.  This feature is launching for their desktop, Android, and iOS platforms at the same time.  Pinterest users can send their Place Pins to their friends with a couple of clicks.

To create a Place Pin, simply click on “Add A Map” when you create a new board or Edit an existing board’s settings to “Add a map.”  Pinterest built the maps with the help from Foursquare.

[Source: Pinterest Blog]