Pinterest, TripAdvisor, and Rotten Tomatoes Launch Apps For Facebook Timeline

Posted Jan 19, 2012

Facebook has announced that there are new Timeline applications available from Foodspotting, Foodily, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, Rotten Tomatoes, Pose, Kobo, Gogobot, TripAdvisor, etc. These apps can report where you are traveling, what you are cooking, and what your movie reviews are.

After you have added an application, then you can update your timeline with activities as they happen. For example, if you enjoy shopping or design, then you can add the Pinterest or Pose applications to make your favorite items appear on the Timeline. You can add the Foodily app to share what you are cooking. And if you are traveling, then you can use the TripAdvisor app to show your virtual passport on the Timeline.

To access Timeline apps, visit:

[Source: Facebook Blog]