Pixar and Lucasfilm Settle Anti-Poaching Case

Posted Jul 15, 2013

The Walt Disney Company
subsidiaries Lucasfilm and Pixar have settled a lawsuit that involves them in being a part of a consortium of Silicon Valley companies to not poach workers from rival companies, according to a bier order released by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh.  Judge Koh said that she received a letter from lawyers in the case disclosing that the two companies settled their part of a contested case, which leaves five companies in the litigation.

There isn’t an indication in the letter that other companies defending the anti-poaching claims have settled also.  Since the consortium of companies agreed not to poach from each others’ rival workforces, the companies doused competition according to the lawsuit.  This costed employees from being able to jump to better and higher paying jobs in the competitive job market.

The other companies that are still involved in the litigation includes Apple, Intel, Intuit, Google, and Adobe.  These companies are being accused of making deals with each other not to hire away employees, especially in engineering.

Lawyers that are representing around 100,000 employees impacted by this case has strong evidence that late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs along with Google CEO Eric Schmidt made assurances to stay clear of massively hiring talent away from each other.  These companies are denying the allegations.  This case is expected to go to trial next year.