Pixar Grants Dying Girl’s Wishes For Up DVD

Posted Jun 22, 2009

Disney-Pixar’s latest movie Up is about a cranky old man and a Wilderness Explorer that fly to South Americans in a house attached to hundreds of floating balloons.  Ten year old Colby Curtin had a rare form of cancer and one of her last wishes was to see the movie, but she was too sick to watch the movie in theaters.

Colby was diagnosed with vascular cancer three years ago and earlier this month, doctors reported that she would not be alive for much longer.  One of Colby’s family friends kept calling Pixar to try and work out a way for Colby’s wish to come true.  Pixar sent an employee with the Up DVD to Colby’s house in Huntington Beach, California.  Colby passed away about 7 hours after watching the movie.

?When I watched it, I had really no idea about the content of the theme of the movie,? stated Colby’s mom Lisa. ?I just know that word ?Up? and all of the balloons and I swear to you, for me it meant that (Colby) was going to go up. Up to heaven.?

[via OC Register]