Pizza Hut Hiring First Twitter Summer Intern

Posted Apr 20, 2009

Pizza Hut is adding a new position for their company and it revolves around social media.  The official title is “Summer Twintern” and the position requires the intern to tweet about Pizza Hut.  ?They?ll be our social media journalist, chronicling in 140 characters or less what?s going on at Pizza Hut,? stated Bob Kraut, the VP of marketing communications at Pizza Hut.

The salary is competitive and the intern must attend ad shoots, product meetings, and various corporate events.  The Twintern is also required to regularly search for Pizza Hut on Twitter search to respond to any negative mentions.

In the job posting, it was also mentioned that applicants should study the video that was made by the former Domino’s Pizza employees in which they defaced the food.  The intern must be willing to relocate to Dallas for the summer and the applications begin today.

[via NYT]