PlaceMe App Can Store Your Locations Without Requiring A “Check-In”

Posted Apr 12, 2012

Between all of my friends, I was an early adopter of Foursquare. People kept asking me what that annoying “check-in” was on Facebook and I told them that it is a great mobile application that essentially acts as a travel journal for me. I like to go back and see the restaurants and venues I have been to when traveling. PlaceMe is an up and coming geolocation that makes this process even easier by not making the actual “check-in” process required.

PlaceMe says that the locations you travel are not broadcasted and that the data is encrypted. Eventually the app would become “smarter” as it tracks you by alerting you if your route home has traffic or alert you if a gas station close by has cheaper gas than the one you recently pulled in to.

PlaceMe is where the future is headed, people. Check out the demo video below of the service: