Play-i Wants To Teach Kids How To Code Using Toy Robots

Posted Oct 29, 2013

Play-i is a startup that has plans to help kids learn how to code by using toy robots.  Play-i was founded by engineers that used to work at Google, Apple and Frog Design.  Play-i has launched a crowd-funding campaign that is expected to raise around $250,000.  If the crowd-funding goal is achieved, then they will mass produce the Play-i Robots for kids age 5 and up.  Playi will help kids string together code to create applications. 

The robots need an iPad that displays a kid-friendly programming language.  By commands together with the iPad,  the kids can control the robots.  Play-i will be selling two robots called the Yana and Bo.  Play-i will be selling Yana for $49 and Bo for $149.  Bo is known for having wheels. 

Play-i will be shipping the robots starting this summer.  So far Play-i has raised over $174,250 from 872 backers with 29 days left.