Pluralsight acquires Digital-Tutors for $45 million

Posted Apr 9, 2014

Pluralsight has acquired e-learning platform Digital-Tutors for $45 million. This is Pluralsight’s fourth acquisition in 8 months. Digital-Tutors offers over 1,500 creative skills courses that will double Pluralsight?s existing catalog of more than 1,400 developer and IT courses.

?Bringing Digital-Tutors on board has positioned Pluralsight as a complete solution for professional technology and creative skills training,? stated Pluralsight CEO and co-founder Aaron Skonnard. ?In the competitive e-learning space, where sites like have brought skills training to beginning and mid-level enthusiasts, we are cementing our status as a career catalyst and go-to resource for the serious professional.?

Pluralsight posted $16 million in subscription-based billings in 2012, saw triple digit growth in 2013 and is expected to do the same in 2014.

Pluralsight acquired three other online learning platforms in the last eight months. The three other companies were PeepCode, Tekpub, and TrainSignal. PeepCode is a provider of open-source developer courses. Tekpub is a screencast publisher for developers. And TrainSignal is an IT training company.