The Pocket Tripod For The iPhone Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

Posted Jun 21, 2013

The Pocket Tripod is a product that lets you hold up your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 at any angle.  The Pocket Tripod is only 2.3mm, which is as thin as a couple of credit cards sitting on top of each other.  You can position the iPhone vertically or horizontally using the Pocket Tripod.

The six pieces of the Pocket Tripod was manufactured using a 3D printer.  It will be mass produced using a traditional injection-molding process soon.

This product is great for watching movies and reading books without constantly having to hold the device in your hand.  It can also be great for recording videos with stability.

“Great project. Never would have come about without a great deal of creativity and desire to do something different…it’s perfect for me. You can count me in. I never had thought that something like that could be done,” said Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak about the Pocket Tripod.

The Pocket Tripod is on Kickstarter up until June 30th and they have already hit well over their $45,000 goal.

Check out their video below: