Pogoplug Announces Safeplug, A Product That Blocks User Tracking

Posted Nov 22, 2013


Pogoplug is a popular unlimited consumer cloud storage service that has announced Safeplug.  Safeplug is the the first consumer-ready device that prevents websites and third party organizations from tracking users on the Internet.  Using Safeplug, consumers and businesses can reclaim their privacy and block unknown organizations from learning their physical location and browsing habits.

Safeplug uses the Tor open source software.  It is an always-on product that plugs into a router and does not require any software installation.  Safeplug does not require you to install and run the Tor browser separately on every computer or mobile device.  After it is installed, Safeplug safeguards web activity from external organizations, blocks ads, and hides IP addresses.

“Most users who write reviews, share information about their work place, or post responses to blog posts do not realize that their IP address is the only information needed to pinpoint their exact physical location with a shocking degree of accuracy,” stated Daniel Putterman, CEO and co-founder, Pogoplug. “Consumers have a right to keep their home addresses and browsing details private, especially from unknown agencies. Safeplug is the first plug-and-play product that instantly protects consumers by restoring web and location privacy.”

The Safeplug can be bought for $49 and is available at: www.pogoplug.com/safeplug.  Pogoplug was founded in 2009 by Cloud Engines.  Cloud Engines is based in San Francisco and they have an office in Tel Aviv.