Pokki Hits 1 Million Monthly Active Users and Releases Pandora, Pinterest, and Angry Birds Apps

Posted Sep 1, 2012

Pokki has announced that they are coming out of beta and is adding a notification center and new apps for Pandora, Pinterest, and Angry Birds.  Pokki has surpassed 1 million monthly active users.  Pokki said that the new apps were made possible by using a new app packaging technology.  Pokki will be providing the app packaging technology to developers in the future to turn into a web app or game.

Pokki’s update includes an apps menu for centralized launch and discovery.  It also has real-time sliding notifications.  The new apps that have been added to Pokki’s collection includes PC desktop apps for Facebook, Instagram (known as Instagrille), Gmail, and Twitter (known as Tweeki).

The startup behind Pokki is known as Sweetlabs.  Sweetlabs co-founder Chester Ng said that Pokki saw tremendous growth over the last six months and the user based doubled every month.  ?Your PC doesn?t have to suck,? said Ng in an interview with TechCrunch. ?You can have this modern experience with apps tailored for and integrated into your everyday desktop use case.?

Ng said that Sweetlabs will release a beta version on Mac OS soon before turning their attention to Windows 8.