Polaroid is selling a 4K TV for $1,000

Posted Jan 2, 2014

Today Polaroid has announced a couple of new TVs. Both of the TVs have 50 inch screens. One of the TVs is Roku Ready and the other is a 4K ultra high-definition TV.

The 50GSR7100 is a 50-inch TV that is Roku Ready. The 50GSR7100 can stream over 1,000 channels through the Roku Stick. The Roku Stick is built into the 50GSR7100 TV. The 50GSR7100 has three HDMI inputs and allows customers control through the custom remote or a mobile app.

The 50GSR9000 is a 50-inch 4K ultra high-definition TV that has three HDMI ports. The 50GSR9000 has over 8 million pixels.

The 50GSR7100 costs $599.99 and the 50GSR9000 costs $999.99. The two TVs will be showcased at CES next week in Las Vegas.