Police In Egypt Jail Muslim Brotherhood Blogger Abdel Rahman Fares

Posted Apr 5, 2009

Abdel Rahman Fares, 25 runs a blog called “My tongue is my pen” on Blogger.  Fares is part of an organization called Muslim Brotherhood.  Fares had been backing calls for a national day of protests against the Egyptian government.  In the province of Fayoum, Fares was arrested while handing out flyers for the protest tomorrow.

The charges against Fares was suspicion of handing out literature promoting the ideology of the Brotherhood and was calling for strikes.  One of the recent blog entries Fares wrote was about how state security officials requested him to come to their offices.  He did not write about whether he went or not.

The Society of Muslim Brotherhood is an outlawed organization in Egypt, but they still openly operate in the country.  Many of the Muslim Brotherhood’s members have been detained without charge.