Police Raid The Home Of “Bad Phoenix Cops” Blogger Jeff Pataky

Posted Apr 3, 2009

Quick editor’s note: I don’t know why I decided to use the picture of the Reno 911 cast, but it just seemed fitting.

Police in Phoenix have raided the home of “Bad Phoenix Cops” blogger Jeff Pataky. The police took his routers, modems, hard drives, memory cards, computers, etc. Pataky, 41, is a software engineer says that the raid is an obvious act of retaliation.

Maricopa County Judge Gary Donahoe approved 10 police officers with a warrant to raid the blogger’s home in the northern part of Phoenix on March 12. The police also handcuffed his female roommate for three hours while they tore apart the apartment.

Pataky said that the content of the blog was one of the major reasons of the raid. Pataky had inside sources of the Phoenix police department. Pataky added that he can’t even file his taxes because the police took his business plans. The search warrant that the police used listed “petty theft” and “computer tampering with the intent to harass” as the probable causes.

Pataky was out of town on a business trip when the raid took place.

The dispute between the Phoenix police department and Pataky started when he went through a nasty divorce. Pataky and his wife shared a home, but his wife accused him of stalking and harrasing her. She filed a lot of these charges while he was out of town stated Pataky. Pataky ended up filing complaints with Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris. But Pataky was indicted for harassing his ex-wife instead.

Before going to trial, Pataky and his friends launched the blog to report the shadiness he believes is going on within the police department. The charges against Pataky for harassing his ex-wife was dropped because of lack of evidence.

?We were going to shut down the website after that but then all of a sudden all these good cops started hitting the site and sending us tips,? stated Pataky. ?We have about 50 to 100 retired and active cops who provide us information.?

Some of the tips that Pataky received included how one police officer has multiple DUIs and another officer has a son that was a child molester, but also wanted to become a cop.

Carlos Miller blogged about the raid and it hit the homepage of Digg.