Police Use Craigslist Ad For Crystal Methamphetamine Drug Bust

Posted Aug 18, 2011

Police in California have arrested Temecula residents Brian Leach and Jose Reyes Gomez (photo above) on August 5th on suspicion of dealing a large amount of crystal methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jason Calvert, a sheriff’s detective, reviewed ads on Craigslist to find people selling controlled substances and he came across an ad from a man saying that he was looking for a female to party with “Tina.” According to Calvert, “Tina” is the street name for methamphetamine.

Calvert and the suspect began to e-mail each other back and forth to make plans for meeting up. The suspect told Calvert that he had “really, really good Tina.” When Leach got out of truck, he texted Calvert. Murrieta Police Department Special Enforcement Team Detectives went up to the suspect and Calvert asked him if he was in possession of methamphetamine. Leach admitted that he had a pipe in his truck.

Methamphetamine crystals were found in Leach’s truck. The suspect also told Calvert that he had “big connects” and access to large amounts of methamphetamine. When Calvert went through Leach’s cell p[hone, he found several text messages regarding the sale of crystal meth.

One of the texts was from a person named Joe that was waiting at the Del Taco on Rancho California Road ?with the stuff for you and what I owe you.” Leach told Calvert that Joe drives a black Cadillac Escalade. Calvert and the other detectives drove to Del Taco and arrested Joe when they found an ounce of meth and over $600 in cash.

Sort of reminds you of Breaking Bad, doesn’t it?