Police Use iPhone Tracking Application To Apprehend Detroit Thieves

Posted Jul 30, 2011

Three Detroit residents were arrested and arraigned at the 52-4 Oakland County District Court in Troy, Michigan on charges of robbery. The Detroit residents are being held at the Oakland County Jail in lieu of a $25,000 surety bond.

The three thieves were caught when a woman reported that she had a tracking application on her stolen iPhone. The three Detroit residents dragged a woman along the ground during the robbery, which took place at the Oakland Mall in Troy. The victim was a 26 year old St. Clair Shores woman. The woman exited her car and opened her trunk when she was approached by a man behind her that stole her purse.

Paul Cy Phelps (17) of Detroit dragged the woman on the pavement as she screamed for help. The attacker released her gift on the purse and entered a near-by car. The woman was dragged 15 feet before being let go.

Using the tracking application, police used her password and permission to access information on the phone. Officers located the phone in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The police stopped the vehicle near I-75 and East 14 Mile Rd.

The police found the victim’s purse and phone in the vehicle. Two other purses were found to be stolen from victims in Taylor, Michigan including a 67 year old woman that had several injuries.

Kiara Lasha Harris and Bianca Faye Bell were also both arraigned on charges of unarmed robbery and fraudulent use/possession of a stolen credit card. Phelps was charged as an adult for unarmed robbery. Bell’s two year old daughter and 6 year old niece was also in the vehicle.