Poll: What Browser Is Currently Your Default?

Posted Apr 15, 2008

Right now I’m torn between which browser I like the best.  I’m currently running Windows Vista on about a 4400+ AMD Athlon.  I just downloaded the newest version of Safari and Firefox.  I had Microsoft IE 8.0, but it kept crashing, so I restored my computer back to IE 7.0.  

I like Safari’s clean interface and it seems like Apple made it run faster, even with a built-in spell checker for forms.  

My only objection for previous versions of Safari for Windows was that the Enter button did not create Single Space paragraphs in forms.  I’m currently typing this in Safari right now and it appears that Apple fixed this feature.  

My newest problem with Safari for Windows is that the header navigation for Pulse 2.0 doesn’t show up.  It shows up fine in IE and Firefox.  I’m currently exploring this issue which I’m assuming is CSS-related.

I’m setting Safari for Windows as my default browser, but too bad there isn’t an Alexa Toolbar for Safari yet (*hint hint* Amazon subsidiary web ranking company).  The clean interface is worth the tradeoff.

What I was wondering is what browser is currently your default?