Would You Rather Get Hit With An Egg or A Pie?

Posted May 20, 2008

May 19, 2008:
Current Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer got an egg thrown at him from a strange Hungarian IT student.  The Hungarian student was also wearing a shirt with Microsoft = Corruption written on it.  The reason why he threw the egg at Steve Ballmer is speculated to revolve around a Hungarian Government deals and tenders agreement that favors Microsoft and locks out competition.  The Hungarian student yelled out “Give back the money of the taxpayers!” before throwing 3 eggs.  All of the eggs missed.

February 4, 1998
“Pastry terrorists,” Brian Keegan and Remy Belvaux threw a pie at former Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates when entering a meeting hosted by the former Belgium Minister-president, Luc Van den Brande.  The two pranksters were fined $88, the maximum penalty for “mild violence.”  Below is the video:

The Aftermath
Steve Ballmer: “It was a friendly disruption.  That broke my train of thought” 
Bill Gates: “[the pie] just wasn’t that good.”

Below is a poll I’m wondering about from our readers: