Pong Creator Al Alcorn Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Posted Jul 15, 2013

Al Alcorn is known for creating the first commercially successful video game for Atari called Pong.  Alcorn has launched a new Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money for a new mobile game called “Seriously?!”  Alcorn has partnered with Roger Hector, whom is known for working on over 100 game titles including Sonic and Madden.  Alcorn and Hector’s new company is called uGetit and they are looking to raise $100,000.  Seriously?! is an augmented-reality game that you can play on a smartphone or tablet with a special deck of cards.

When you put a card over the phone, a virtual assistant will recognize the code and provide the answer to a question using a “Siri-like” artificial intelligence system.  uGetit plans on bringing in celebrity characters and videos when possible.  The cards will include true/false, multiple-choice, pictures, videos, and other miscellaneous content.

All of the Kickstarter backers from any level are invited to submit trivia questions for consideration and inclusion in the final game.  Kickstarter users that donate $10,000 or more will get a limo ride to an extravagant private dinner and personal game session with Al and Roger in a private room at a secret elegant restaurant created by Atari’s founder Nolan Bushnell.  They will also receive 2 special signed production decks, 2 backers only decks, 15 bonus cards, and a special Battle Gear shirt made for the event.