PopCap Games Raises $22.5 Million For Operation Expenses And Acquisitions

Posted Oct 6, 2009

PopCap Games has raised $22.5 million. PopCap Games makes game applications that are distributed on social networks. PopCap Games created Bejeweled which has been played over a billion times according to VentureBeat. The $22.5 million first round of funding was provided by Meritech Capital Partners. PopCap plans to use the funding for acquisitions and working capital.

PopCap has been profitable since they launched 10 years ago and the company has about 240 employees based in Seattle. PopCap’s games can be played for an hour before payment is required. The games cost $19.99 and Bejeweled has sold over 25 million units thus far. PopCap’s other hits include Zuma, Bookworm, Alchemy, and Plants vs. Zombies. PopCap competitors include Zynga, OnLive, and Playdom. Earlier this year, PopCap acquired Gastronaut Studios.

Other investors in PopCap Games include Larry Bowman and John McCaw. Bowman is a board member in PopCap games and has previously bought stock in the company. The CEO of PopCap is Dave Roberts.