Interview With SVP Of Screen Media Ventures Gary Delfiner

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Popcornflix is an online digital film company that is run by Screen Media Ventures, an independent film distributor.  Popcornflix has a website and mobile application that lets you stream free movies anytime and anywhere across the globe.  Popcornflix is expanding to multiple platforms including Samsung Smart TVs and Android devices.  Popcornflix has been downloaded roughly 500,000 times on Roku in the U.S., U.K., and Canada.  They are seeing about 100,000 new downloads every month and a half.

Screen Media Ventures is like a mini-studio that is similar to a company like Warner Bros. or Universal.  The company syndicates movies to cable channels across 35 platforms like Netflix, Xbox, etc.

Popcornflix does not see themselves as a competitor to video-on-demand companies.  Popcornflix prefers higher quality traffic over quantity compared to some of the bigger players.  About 60% of Popcornflix’s traffic is repeated.

About 95% of the movies on Popcornflix are created by Screen Media Ventures.  The catalog is split between domestic and international.  The company launched their iOS app just 6 months ago and the number of downloads are substantial.  The advantage that Popcornflix has is that they do not need to go out of house for content.  Their readership is split 50-50 between male and female.  Visitors tend to be receptive to featured content related like Staff Picks and sets like “Girls Night Out,” “Fathers Day,” etc.

I asked Gary Delfiner, an SVP at Screen Media Ventures, how does Popcornflix manage bandwidth.  He explained that the bandwidth on PCs and iPhones are not too bad, but iPads are more expensive to serve.

When I asked Mr. Delfiner what some of the biggest challenges on Popcornflix was, he said Popcornflix spent a lot of time making sure that the user interface was extra-friendly.  You will notice that it only takes two taps to start watching a movie right away.  He added that fortunately Popcornflix has really good tech partners like Mopub and SAS.

What really intrigued me about Popcornflix was the movie selection.  You will notice that many of the movies have A-list celebrities.  Many of these movies are “passion projects” of the major celebrities involved.  I know some of my future weekends will involve warming up some popcorn, putting on a blanket, and pointing my TV browser to Popcornflix.