Pope Gets On YouTube, Advises Against Too Much Social Networking

Posted Jan 23, 2009

The Vatican has announced that they are launching a YouTube dedicated to the Pope.  Father Federico Lombardi, the S.I., Director of Vatican Radio, Vatican Television Centre, and the Holy See Press Office made an official gives an explanation why they chose to launch the channel [here].  The Vatican channel is available at http://www.youtube.com/vatican.

Even though the Pope will have a regular channel on YouTube, he also mentioned that social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace tend to isolate people.  In the World Day of Communications, Benedict told people to be respectful online and warned not to avoid real interaction.  The Pope also urged people to respect human dignity and “goodness and intimacy of human sexuality.”

My guess is that there will be some sort of admin on the YouTube channel for the Vatican as we all have read the type of comments that YouTube users make.  It would be in their highest interest.

[via Google Blog/AP]