PopularMedia Raises $8 Million In Third Round & Releases SocialNotes Widget

Posted Jul 28, 2008

PopularMedia is a company that helps clients make content go viral.  It is a similar concept as ACS SEO.  However PopularMedia is a fully-funded social media company.  To date, PopularMedia has raised over $12 million in funding across three rounds. 

The latest round of funding was $8 million.  VentureBeat reported that the funding was provided by DAG Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Steamboat Ventures.  PopularMedia is run by CEO Jim Calhoun. 

PopularMedia also released a new product called SocialNotes.  SocialNotes is a widget that can be placed on blogs to get feedback.  SocialNotes looks like a floating sticky note.  The datasheet is available here.

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